Tuck, Tumble and Twist

Learn about our gymnastics classes in Rochester, MN

Has your daughter taken an interest in gymnastics? ONE Athletics is the premier location in Rochester, MN for gymnastics instruction. Owner Valentin Frunzac has decades of experience in sports education and is well-known in Rochester, MN for his success coaching men's and women's competitive gymnastics. Vali believes that strength, agility, confidence and resilience form the core of recreational and competitive sports. ONE Athletics offers gymnastics training for girls ages 3+ in the Rochester, MN area who are new to gymnastics or are interested in competitive gymnastics.

Families who enroll in 2hrs/week or more of gymnastics automatically receive Premium ONE Athletics membership for the entire family. Membership comes with discounts on general fitness classes, ninja, open gym and merchandise, priority wait listing, access to member-only events and more.

Beginner and Recreational Gymnastics

Preschool Gymnastics - one hour class designed for kids ages 3-5 who love to run, jump and tumble. Kids in this class will develop the fundamental skills, strength and flexibility needed for a future in gymnastics. Classes are fun, engaging and led by experienced instructors. Use your Intermediate ($65/mo) for booking. No assessment required.

Beginner Gymnastics - one hour class designed for girls ages 5-10 who are new to gymnastics or love to practice gymnastics as a way to stay fit. Girls will learn the fundamentals of gymnastics and start building more complex skills. Use your Intermediate ($65/mo) membership for booking a weekly class, or progress faster by booking 2 hours per week ($110/mo)! No assessment required.

Intermediate Gymnastics - two hour class designed for girls ages 7-18 who love gymnastics and want to grow in the sport without focusing on competitive routines. This class is appropriate for girls who have a solid background in gymnastics or dance. Girls will build on fundamental skills, including strength and flexibility, front and back walkover, back handspring, as well as skills on the balance beam, uneven bars and vault. Assessment is not required, but is recommended. Girls can attend 1 ($110/mo) or 2 ($200/mo) days per week.

Pre-Team Gymnastics

Mini-Hopes - This 2 hour class is designed for girls who are building toward competitive gymnastics. Athletes will expand on basic skills, learning the floor, balance beam, vault and bars skills needed to advance to a competitive team. Girls at this level will make friends and start to experience the sense of a team. Girls may attend 2 ($200/mo) or 3 ($275/mo) classes per week. Participation is by invitation only.

As athletes develop experience and strength, they will have the opportunity to transition onto one of our competitive gymnastics teams. We offer USA Gymnastics Development Program, Elite and Xcel tracks.

Team Gymnastics

Development Program - This competitive program is designed to help athletes progress in the sport of gymnastics, beginning with a solid foundation and moving up through multiple levels. The first levels 1-5 are the Compulsory levels, where athletes compete with the same routines as other girls in their level. This assures that each athlete has mastered the appropriate skills to progress through the levels safely. Girls must compete at levels 4 and 5 with a minimum score in order to advance to the Optional levels. Levels 6-10 are called the Optional levels. Athletes in the these levels have individualized routines, further building on the foundational basics and adding skills with increasing levels of difficulty. Athletes in levels 8-10 are eligible to progress to the national level.

Elite Program - This program is designed for athletes aspiring to be on the National Team. Athletes with exceptional abilities will be closely supervised through the Development Program levels and selected for transition to the Elite Program at ONE Athletics as appropriate.

Xcel Program - The Xcel program was developed as an alternative competitive program offering increased flexibility to gymnasts. The program allows a wide selection of skills to meet the minimum requirements at each level, so routines can be individualized based on an athlete's strengths. Athletes in this program will experience training that is challenging and rewarding while also experiencing an abbreviated training schedule relative to the Development Program.

Pricing is based on schedule and starts at $200/month. Participation is by invitation only.


1 hour per week: $65/mo
2 hours per week: $110/mo
4 hours per week: $200/mo
6 hours per week: $275/mo
9 hours per week: $315/mo
12 hours per week: $375/mo
16 hours per week: $425/mo
20 hours per week $475/mo

What will your child learn?

Our gymnastics program is designed to help children become successful competitive gymnasts. Children will begin learning fundamental skills that they will use throughout their gymnastics careers. As athletes progress, they will build upon the fundamentals in a safe and structured environment that emphasizes appropriate progressions, attention to detail and sportsmanship.

During our gymnastics classes, athletes will work on important foundational skills including:

  • Form
  • Strength
  • Flexibility
  • Body awareness

Email us now to secure your spot in one of our gymnastics classes.