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ONE Athletics offers a variety of fun, engaging fitness classes for children ages 3-18 yrs. Students build strength, agility, confidence and resilience in a fun, supportive and stimulating environment designed just for kids.

Get fit as a family in May!

Attend 4 Parent and Child Team training sessions and earn a FREE Parents' Night Out pass - that's a reward everyone will enjoy!

Summer Training Program

Our 3-hour daily training sesssions will help keep children in shape over the summer! Each day will include time for strength, agility, mobility and climbing, as well as health and fitness education and wellbeing activities. Classes are perfect for children looking to gain strength and stamina, prepare for competitive sports or develop skill to improve physical and mental health and performance. Summer training runs Monday through Thursday every week from June 5 - August 24, 2023. Students can come as often as they like! An individual day is $35, or purchase a package good for 4, 8 or 12 days! Packages can be applied to any child in a family. Summer training is limited to children ages 5-18 yrs old.

ONE Athletics FC -Youth Soccer Program

The ONE Athletics Soccer Training Program has arrived!

Summer session is open for enrollment. Click the link below for more information.

We know youth athletics

Owner Valentin Frunzac has decades of experience in youth athletics. While most well-known for his success coaching men's and women's gymnastics, Vali believes that strength, agility, confidence and resilience form the core of all recreational and competitive sports. By helping children develop these fundamental elements, ONE Athletics prepares them to perform their best, both on and off the field, in any sport, for life.

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Children will build strength, flexibility and agility in small, instructor-led classes.

The curriculum is designed to be fun and engaging, to meet the needs of children of all ages and fitness levels. Strength training helps improve performance and reduce the risk of injuries.


Group fitness classes encourage bonding through participants’ shared goals and experiences. Classes are designed to meet the needs of students from a broad range of backgrounds and fitness levels, allowing children to build relationships that are free of the strain associated with competitive environments.


Classes are designed to challenge participants, helping them achieve their fitness goals. Whether students are looking to enhance their personal fitness or augment training for competition sports, their experiences at ONE Athletics will help them gain confidence, self-esteem and build resilience.

GEt fit.

Have Fun.

we are one.

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