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Start Your Child on a Positive Fitness Journey

Make us your go-to gymnastic and youth fitness center in Rochester, MN

Has your child shown an interest in exercise? ONE Athletics in Rochester, MN offers youth training and exercise classes for kids ages 3 through 18. Our youth fitness and gymnastics center provides an environment where children can build mental and physical strength at their own pace, regardless of athletic background or ability.

Through exercise, we help children gain confidence, resilience and learn to persevere. Improved physical fitness and athleticism are only part of the equation. Regular, well-balanced exercise helps improve sleep, mood and prevent injuries.

Reach out to register your child for a training or gymnastics class at our professional fitness facility and gymnastics center.

Fitness has never been more fun

ONE Athletics takes pride in giving children a stress-free environment to enhance their athletic skills. We believe kids don't need to feel intimidated to push themselves and grow. You can feel confident bringing your child to our fitness and gymnastics center!

If you have multiple children with different interests, you can sign one up for gymnastics and the other for a small group class. We have plenty of options at our fitness and gymnastics center that will suit your child's interests. Call 507-322-7900 today to learn more about our classes.

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What makes ONE Athletics stand out?

Our gymnastics and youth fitness center provides a welcoming and safe environment for children of all fitness levels. We're trusted throughout the community because we:

Have over 25 years of athletic industry experience

Are owned by Southeastern Minnesota's premier gymnastics coach

Train our staff in CPR and first aid

Don't require long-term memberships or commitments

Offer affordable pricing and flexible schedules

Get your child interested in fitness and health. Contact us today to sign up for a youth fitness class.