Strength and mobility

Strength training is fundamental to success in recreational and competitive sports. Participation in strength and mobility training can help reduce the risk of injury and increase physical preparation for all sports.

Our fun, engaging one and two-hour strength classes use a variety of techniques and equipment, including weights, body-weight exercises, core elements, cardiovascular exercise and climbing to help participants achieve a well-balanced fitness experience.

Our Classes

Speed and agility

Speed and agility training helps athletes improve reaction time, responsiveness and coordination. Our one-hour classes provide an intense cardiovascular workout combined with strength and core elements.

Agility classes are availble for general performance improvement, as well as training targeted at specific sports, such as soccer, hockey, tennis and more. The curriculum is designed to be stimulating so that participants lose track of how hard they are working. Classes are ideal for general fitness or to agument performance in competitive sports.

Ninja program

Our Ninja Program challenges participants to build strength, stamina and problem-solving skills as they navigate obstacles, perform fitness-building exercises and tackle our giant indoor climbing rig. Our Ninja Program courses are structured and instructor-led in small groups. Ninja open gyms are also available for children who want to challenge themselves, just for the fun of it!


This fun one-hour class is a variation on traditional kickboxing. Students will work on punching and kicking techniques using punching bags, without sparring. Participants will also lift weights and spend some time in The Playground, to round out the full-body fitness experience.

LIttle ones

Little ONEs classes are for preschool children ages 3-5. Children will be exposed to a variety of different sports using engaging equipment, including fitness lights, balls, bats, rackets and balance boards. Classes incorporate kindergarten readiness skills, such as shapes, colors, counting, following instructions and teamwork, as well as developing important gross motor skills, like balance, skipping, throwing, catching, kicking and beginner tumbling skills.

Adult Fitness

Come join us for a fun, intense workout on Monday and Friday mornings. Adult fitness is open to anyone age 16 and older and participants age 65+ receive a discount! Fitness is a lifelong journey and there is no better way to stay healthy than as a family! And for parents of small children, keep an eye out for preschool open gym during our Adult Fitness hours. Drop your little one off while you work out, or stay and play with her in our safe and engaging environment.

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