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Summer Training Program

Our 3-hour daily training sesssions will help keep children in shape over the summer! Each day will include time for strength, agility, mobility and climbing, as well as health and fitness education and wellbeing activities. Classes are perfect for children looking to gain strength and stamina, prepare for competitive sports or develop skill to improve physical and mental health and performance. Summer training runs Monday through Thursday every week from June 5 - August 24, 2023. Students can come as often as they like! An individual day is $35, or purchase a package good for 4, 8 or 12 days! Packages can be applied to any child in a family. Summer training is limited to children ages 6-18 yrs old.

We now offer Jungle Gym Open Climbing on Friday evenings!

Children will be free to run, jump and climb at their own pace, in small groups and with staff supervision. This is a perfect way for kids to burn off energy at the end of the week. Each 1 hour session is $12.

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